Are Browser Games safe?

In the past free browser games may have had some sketchy connotations because older operating systems and browsers did not offer the best protection. However, now-a-days a simple antivirus like avast can protect you.
Also keep in mind many free browser games websites are monetized via ads, sometimes those ads can seem a bit scary to the average user. For instance, here we use a combination of different ad providers such as google ads and adfly.
Google ads is something most people are used to seeing; they are not intrusive and can easily be clicked away. However they also don’t provide as much monetary incentive per click.
So we use adfly also. Adfly can be a bit scary for some of your less than tech savvy users. However, adfly does have a skip add button you can use if you want to avoid seeing the ads.
You may have to press allow to show the ads to be able to skip them in some cases, but you can later just disable any notifications if you no longer want them.
With this in mind take a look at some of our curated games below and see if there is anything you like. We add games weekly, and regularly update the community on new interesting browser games.



Klondike adventures was given a whopping 71k five stars from Sensor Tower It has been downloaded over 300k times and has made more then 4 million in revenue. Klondike is all in all an amazing game. If you want to play one of the best online browser games you’re going to want to check out klondike adventures for sure.

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Enlisted has a 4.1 on google out of 532 ratings. Enlisted is a free mmo with 25 max users per match. You can battle at normandy, berlin and talks of a pearl harbor map coming out soon. The beta launched in may 2021 and this amazing free browser game is already killing it.

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Minecraft classic is now available as a free browser game. You can play it here. Minecraft is a builder game, where you build your towns and fight off block like players and animals. Minecraft regularly stays in the 4-5 star review range depending where you look. This game is not going anywhere gents.

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Total Battle is one of the most Amazing free browser games of it's time. This Browser Game, has great graphics, amazing aesthetics, a wonderful story and the best battles. One of the most recent battle strategy games we played goes by the name of Total Battle. This recently released free to play title promised us a real Battle with strategy and base building.. it really was the total battle. We were compelled and gave it a try. Total Battle has everything from strong base building, a great combat system, easy controls, lots of stragegizing and you really feel like you are there. This game has so much to offer.

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