Top 5 Free browser game websites

1. Fun orb

Fun orb was a free games website with a collection of thousands of free games. This website was created by jagex but was taken down in 2018 due to technological issues with the site. Most games that they had were no longer working on current browsers,so the company just took the site down and that was the end of it.


Free to game has a huge selection of free to play browser games. They also have the best website design of all the other sites mentioned. If you want to go down the rabbit hole and have plenty of time to see this aesthetically pleasing website, then this is the website for you. Their huge selection of free browser games is just what you need to get the day started or ended.

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Mmorpg has been around for over a decade and has many free browser games in their arsenal. They also have reviews, a mailing list to keep up with their new content, a youtube channel, they’re huge on twitter and they have a huge following. Their website has been transformed numerous times over the years and just keeps getting better and better. Definitely check out their website

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4. freebrowsergames

This wonderful website has grown from a small website with three games to a website with 20 or more games in just a few days time. They are constantly adding games and different categories. They aim to provide the best possible experience and have tons of experience in development. If you want a quality free browser games website. This is the one for you.

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Top browser games has a ton of free and paid browser games listed all over their website. They chose a similar design to and have a less complex ui, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for in less time. They use a red theme to imply authority and rank really high on google for the term “Free browser games”. It’s an interesting site that is advertised for all ages. Their site is super simple to navigate and their design is really good for a games site. Most of their games are very high quality and they have a few reviews on there as well. They have free browser games you can download, games you can play for free in the browser and some paid games as well. Definitely check them out.

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Games 4 free went with the same design as the other two websites. I guess they don’t really care to stand out too much. Their navigation is just an assortment of different types of games.. There is no animation on their website. They seem to have the same games as top browser games. It’s a decent site if you’re looking for 3d free browser games. It’s definitely worth your time to check out their website.

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